Blue Flower

Before I welcome you to Gardenscapes: New acres and write about my experience with this interesting game, let me tell you that it’s unlike other online mobile games. Players rake their path through a storyline brimming with unexpected turns and twists to restore a magnificent garden to its beauty and former glory. You embark on spirited and adventurous journey as you beat the match-3 levels in the process. I restored and decorated different areas in my garden, getting to the bottom of many a secret that it holds and has nurtured so far. You also enjoy the company the some amusing and gripping in-game characters. These tips makes this easier.

Rolling in the green

Move over Adele, it’s time to roll in the green-top with your butler, Austin and a funny dog, sniffing the ground helping you dig dirt and unearth emeralds. As soon as I heard of the game, I didn’t waste time to download from Google Playstore and indulged in some great gardening. Using the online tool helped me become the hero and protagonist of a brand new story is a very easy and hassle-free manner. Building my dream garden without the hammer of in-app purchases and pay-to-win aspects was great gratification, I must say,

Riding on features

The features of a game are always central to its USP. The addictive gameplay contains swap and match components as you can restore and bedeck the garden. The best thing is that you could be a part of a breath-taking and first-time adventure all at once. I found that there were hundreds of those unique and vital match 3 levels that you have to pass. The dozens of interesting in-game characters that I could make friends with is another excellent addition to the front. Another wonderful thing is that you have an adorable puppy staying by your side in your quest, always cheering you up.

New acre also features a volley of gifts for celebrating the birthday of the game. There are prizes for all and sundry at the great fireworks festival. You need to remember that you need to grow a rose in the famous Orange Flower function. What’s more? Well, you have Austin’s instagram account too to work with. He is your butler and your companion in the gardening tasks. It’s indeed a wonderful thing that the game gives you a puppy, funny, jolly and bright to remain at your side as you dig the dirt and unearth all those emeralds from below the ground.

More on the features

If you want a steady acceleration of the features, you can use these amazing homescapes tricks for coins. The game contains an in-game and thriving social network that you can use for keeping tabs on each performance level and stage. There are different areas in the sprawling garden, each containing unique structures like mysterious mazes, broken fountains an old, dilapidated mansion and lots of other things. This is a community that emerges at the forefront. You have the chance to become neighbors with your pals in Facebook. Needless to say, it’s a superb game that you can also while you’re offline.

While talking about the main game, the Match 3 mode entails a host of new, stellar features. The most interesting one is the Jam Jar. You need to fill it with pieces of a specified color or hue to complete the assigned level goal. The game gives you the chance to explode different power-ups on many occasions. You need to do this for cleaning off the mud pieces. It’s a great way to play the game effectively. Players use the hack tool to earn more explosives and power and blow off the mud and dirt at will.

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What’s cooking new?

The birthday update of Gardenscapes is certainly the new thing in the house. There are upcoming new events that I could find on a regular basis. I could play with my pet on the training ground, which is another awesome addition. The game gives you a chance to beat several chained levels with only one life to obtain the rewards or earn prizes. If you know how to play gardens capes, you can thwart all those limitations and sail over smoothly. It gives you a great chance to obtain and use unlimited resources at no cost.